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Gaula River fly fishing guides for Salmon, Trondheim Norway.
Norwegian Flyfishers Club AS is a fishing guide service offering great fly fishing on the Gaula River, in the Trondheim area of Norway, fishing for salmon.

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Norway Fishing, Guides, Lodges, Trips and Fishing Holidays.
Gaula River Salmon Fishing Trondheim, Norway By Kristoffer G. Vassdal The desire to be on the river exceeds all, and the variety of fishing experienced on the .

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Salmon fishing in Norwegian rivers - Norway official travel guide ...
Want to catch a really big salmon? With over 400 salmon rivers producing fish of a remarkably high average size, Norway offers a great chance.

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Trondheim area (Orkla, Gaula, Nidelva, Stjordal) 2012 - Salmon ...
Just to have started a new thread. Not much happening now, obviously, we're still 4,5 months from the opening ... So far it has been an .

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City of Trondheim - Sights
Current time in Trondheim is 8:2. Tuesday Partly cloudy 9°. Wednesday . Pilgrim Ways to Trondheim . Fishing for salmon downtown Trondheim. Photo by Jørn .

City of Trondheim - Twenty things to do in Trondheim
A round-trip of central Trondheim and the surrounding area. . Fishing The Nidelva is one of Norway's best salmon and trout rivers. Cod, Pollock, and Mackerel .

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City of Trondheim - Take a day trip ...
The vast reaches of forest in the Trøndelag region offer bountiful hunting and fishing. From Trondheim, six classic salmon rivers can be reached by car within the .

Atlantic Salmon fishing in Norway | Wild and Exotic
Your host and leaseholder, Anthony Luke, has a lifetime's salmon fishing . June fishing has improved a lot since the embargo on netting in the Trondheim Fjord .

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Orkla | fishing norway | Norway
A 5 year bag-net buy-out project in the Trondheim Fjord started in 2005, and has had a very positive impact on the salmon run in the Trondheim fjord rivers.

Fly Fishing In Norway | Salmon Fishing Norway |
Fishing in Norway is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Europe with the Atlantic King Salmon and various species of Trout running up the rivers and .

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Trondheim Travel Guide and Tourist Information: Trondheim, Sor ...
The lively and buzzing university city of Trondheim is Norway's third-biggest city, . history, historical wooden architecture and truly world-class salmon fishing.

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  • Hunting and fishing in Trondheim and Trøndelag -
    We give you information about hunting and fishing in Trondheim and . Salmon fishing in Trøndelag is all about two things: pure joy and the next opportunity.

  • Granly Fishing & Hiking Centre | Fishing Centres
    A wide range of guided hikes in region is available, including mountain walks and excursions into the nearby city of Trondheim. Salmon fishing in Norway .

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  • FishPal - Norse - Norway - Aunan Lodge - Home
    The Orkla River, regarded as one of the best sport fishing salmon rivers in Europe, is a part of the Trondheim fjord basin. A bag net buy-out has improved the .

  • Ersgard - Dining
    Mar 21, 2012 . Common livingroom, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. You may well combine a daytrip to the city of Trondheim with salmon fishing and a visit in our .

  • Richard Donkin - River Orkla and Trondheim region, Norway
    June 2007 - River Orkla and Trondheim region, Norway. Anthony Luke has caught many handsome fish in fifty years of scouring the world for salmon. But he has .

  • Gaula | fishing norway | Norway
    The City of Trondheim, some 50 kilometers north is Norway's third largest city. The Gauldal . Fly fishing for salmon I Gaula in June is hard core fishing. his is the .

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Verdal River - Salmon fishing in Norway with FishNorway
Verdal River,Salmon fishing in Norway with FishNorway. . The river is a part of the huge Trondheim-fjord basin and is among approximately 30 rivers that has .

Fishing in Norway. Ling. Trondheim fjord - YouTube
Feb 6, 2011 . Fished in Trondheim fjord. . fishing in Norway 2010by fiskekongen9201 views; Orkla august 2011 salmon fishing orkla norway laksefiske 4:05 .

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What to do in Trondheim - Norway official travel guide - visitnorway ...
Mar 9, 2012 . Hell Music Festival (30 kilometres north of Trondheim), . Fishing. The Nidelven River is one of Norway's best salmon and trout rivers.

Norway Fly Fishing Guides, Lodges, Trips, Tours and Fly Fishing ...
Gaula River Salmon Fishing Trondheim, Norway By Kristoffer G. Vassdal The desire to be on the river exceeds all, and the variety of fishing experienced on the .

Anglers World Holidays - Sea Fishing - Norway - Trøndelag
The Trondheim area offers excellent sea fishing from May to October, but the optimum time is mid June to late . Matt Hayes Gaula Salmon fishing in Trondheim .

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Jörg Cassens - Norway - Trondheim
Today, Trondheim is a living, working city, which contains a blend of the historic and . offering hiking trails, salmon fishing and many other opportunities for rural .

Top Ten in Trondheim - - Velkommen til Trøndelag
Read more about Trondheim's surrounding countryside Bymarka (Google Translate) and salmon fishing in the River Nidelva (Google Translate). 63.4305149 .

King worried about wild salmon : Views and News from Norway
Aug 18, 2010 . The king just returned from a private salmon fishing trip, but to . the annual seafood industry exhibition Nor-Fishing in Trondheim, which is .

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Fishing Holidays Trips Norway - Guala River
This period of salmon fishing brought a lot of wealth to the local farmers and communities and a number of the farms today are noticeably influenced by this .

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Jan Gunnar Furuly's Salmon Fishing Pages - Salmon News From ...
Mar 1, 2006 . historic netfishermen buy-out boost salmon fishing along the Trondheim Fjord. From the opening day in Gaulfossen, Gaula. Photo: Dan P.

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Norway, Gaula Flyfishing - FISHMASTER - Global Fishing - Fly ...
Fly fishing for salmon on Gaula River in Mid-Norway. . Gaula is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway and flows into the Atlantic Ocean close Trondheim.

Relaxing coffee and tea - Trondheim
Aug 23, 2011 . But if you want to just stay in the city, you may go fishing at the Trondheim Fjord where there plenty of salmons some of them as heavy as 20 .

ENGLISH VERSION - Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden
The above picture shows the number of salmon of one night net-fishing by one bag- net-fisherman on the Trondheim-fjord. The picture below shows the catches .

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The Route Shop | Avinor Trondheim Airport Værnes (TRD/ENVA)
Avinor Trondheim Airport Værnes (TRD/ENVA) unserved air routes including . a world-class destination for salmon fishing and home to central Norway's largest .

Freshwater fishing guided trips and vacations, overseas fishing trips ...
Norway Fishing Lodges offers some of the best atlantic salmon fishing in the world. . The buyout of the 'bagnet' fishing stations within the Trondheim Fjord has .

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The Norwegian Flyshop - Salmon and Sea-trout fishing in Orkla ...
This is just a few characteristics of the salmon fishing in Orkla, just southwest of Trondheim. Unlike most other norwegian salmon rivers that has been developed .

Stjørdal River - Salmon fishing in Norway with FishNorway
Stjørdal River,Salmon fishing in Norway with FishNorway. . The river is part of the huge Trondheim-fjord basin and is among the approx. 30 rivers that has .

Gaula River
In 2005 the Gaula became the best salmon fishing river in Norway with a catch of . enters the sea at Trondheim Fjord and has always been one of the finest and .