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A Titanic Chronology (1st-15th April, 1912)
White Star's Chairman, Joseph Bruce Ismay could not attend due to family matters. . Smith gave an order and Boxhall rushed to the Engine Telegraph thrust the handle . signed on as Titanic's Purser and would be paid 15 pounds per month.

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LETTER : RMS Titanic and related articles, stories, links
203 items . A letter from Titanic Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall to the President of the Board of Trade, Sydney . Boxhall complained about the fees paid to. . about the screams" Aldridge suggests the letter may fetch £10000 to £15000 pounds.

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The Crew of Titanic
Joseph Boxhall was 4th Officer on the Titanic and attained a command with the . Commander Joseph G. Boxhall . They each got paid four pounds a month.

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Ship Specifications
Herbert McElroy, Charles Lightoller, Herbert Pitman, Joseph Boxhall, Harold Lowe . in order to pay musical tribute to the doomed Titanic and those still aboard.

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Titanic Lifeboat Lowering Sequence
He didn't help matters by offering each crewman five pounds, ostensibly to replace their lost kits, but it looked to many like a pay-off to keep the crewmen quiet, and it would take . Under Command Of: Fourth Officer Joseph Groves Boxhall.

TITANIC AT 100: 100 facts that tell the story » San Angelo Standard ...
Apr 14, 2012 . The reorganization was part of a plan to fund the 3.5 million pounds . On average, the workmen put in 49-hour weeks and were paid about $10 per week. . according to the calculations of 4th Officer Joseph Groves Boxhall.

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A Night to Remember: The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray Review) at ...
Apr 6, 2012. hundred pound gorilla directed to Oscar glory by James “King of the World” . Titanic's fourth officer Joseph Boxhall as a technical advisor on the film. . All that work paid off as this transfer offers excellent detail and clarity .

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Titanic music: maury yeston lyrics: maury yeston book: peter stone ...
4th officer & navigator joseph boxhall: morning, captain... Stevedore: 36000 . Pitman: 122000 pounds of meat, poultry and fish, titanic! Stevedore: 40 tons of .

The Crew
*Boxhall, Joseph Grove Fourth Officer- (Was interrogated at the British investigation. He never . He was paid 5 pounds a month and five shillings extra). Holman .

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Samuel Cunard |
Oct 16, 2008. fourth officer Joseph Boxhall and ex-Cunard Commodore Harry Grattidge . 2 slipped beneath the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at dawn Thursday to pay a . more than 6 pounds of caviar, 116 pounds of lobster, 200 bottles of .

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  • Mrs Brightwen's Last Will and Testament. - RootsWeb -
    To my nephew William Wilson Joseph Welsford three hundred pounds the oil . to my trustees hereinafter named upon trust to pay the dividends thereof to the said . To Frank Boxall fruiterer twenty pounds and to Mrs Sarah Johnson Winsall of .

  • The Applebee Family History Timeline
    paid within five years of my son Joseph's coming into posession of the said farm . five years at the rate of six pounds per centum per annum payable annually And . Memories of Grandmother Sarah Rice(nee Applebee) by Dianne Boxall.

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  • The Lads in the Shipyard | RMS Titanic Remembered
    . Third Officer Herbert J. Pitman · Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall · Fifth Officer . and ended at 5:30 p.m. Working in teams of four, they were paid by the number of . a red-hot, one-pound iron rivet dropped by a ham-handed catch boy far above, .

  • Joseph and Sarah Come to Canada
    Mar 9, 2011 . Joseph Longhurst was born November 29, 1787, in Capel Surrey England . Other families aboard with the Longhursts were : Boxall, Capling . The first payment of three pounds two shillings and sixpence is to be made at .

  • orchid orchids picture cattleya yellow flower
    For 50 plants Day paid pounds 50 (about pounds 3000 in todays money) and got . William Boxall established himself in the Philippines and sent back glorious . his orchid collection, Joseph Paxton, head gardener to the Duke of Devonshire, .

  • Sir James Bisset - Merchant Navy Officers
    On his appointment to her his pay increased by the princely sum of one pound a . the Officer turned and introduced himself to Mr Bisset, he was Joseph Boxall, .

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Second Officer Titanic - Charles Herbert Lightoller
Salary/Month: 14.00.00 (in English pounds) . After three weeks he got on a train for Montreal, this time as a paying passenger. . been chosen for Titanic ( Charles Lightoller, Herbert Pitman, Joseph Boxhall, and Harold Lowe) never received .

RMS Titanic
In the summer of 1907, Joseph Bruce Ismay, the chairman of the White Star Line, . and as a reward for his hard work and dedication, was payed £105 pounds a . Third Officer Herbert John Pitman (34), Fourth Officer Joseph Groves Boxhall .

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The Titanic FAQ
In the case of Titanic she cost about 1,5 million pounds (about $7 500 000.) . At 07.30 pm, Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall fixes the ships position from a stellar .

In Cameron's pay-as-you-go state, a degree is about earning, not ...
Oct 12, 2010 . It would be fair and just and sensible for higher education to be paid for from general taxation . already having to draw a student loan is worth thousands of pounds per EACH student? . But the rot started with Joseph and Thatcher. . of higher and further education artificial and outdated, says Mike Boxall .

Apr 15, 2012 . upper-income people who were willing to pay extra for . included 75000 pounds of fresh meat, . 4th Officer Joseph Boxhall to check the ship .

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The Final Board of Inquiry – Commander Richard R. Paton, USCGR ...
that would pay a dividend. . could be perfectly seen” (CDR Joseph Boxhall, BBC interview . five pounds each to not return to pick up survivors, including .

Pay Articles from January 1933 Part 4 - Site Map - The New York ...
Site Map > Pay Articles 1933 > January Part 4 . HISTORIC ESTATE SOLD.; Joseph Fuller Gets Old Plantation Near Charleston, . BERLIN; Gold Shares Strengthened on English Exchange -- Pound Declines to . . GEORGE W. BOXALL.

A Night to Remember
Similarly, despite the fact that survivor Joseph Boxhall wept at a . the white ship black (MacQuitty 14) Stunt men were then paid a pound a foot .

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Page: front cover
William BOXHALL appeared for plaintiff – deposition of pltf taken before H MURRAY JP . Joseph Gardiner MACK, of Colac – also in the sum of fifty pounds and . but to receive his pay to this date – on application to the Chief Constable .

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Titanic Survivors
Commander Joseph Groves Boxhall RD RNR (23 March 1884 – 25 April . the doomed liner to pay for her nursing home fees, a newspaper said Thursday. . is struggling to make ends meet and hopes to make 3000 pounds from the sale.

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Buriton Apprentices
0. was paid to THOMAS BOXALL, son of widow BOOKER. . 0. was paid for apprenticing JOHN POWELL to JOSEPH POWELL, a Taylor of Buriton. . of Fifteen Pounds seventeen shillings and five pence halfpenny was this day paid to JAMES .

Main Navigation - Browse - Central Criminal Court
LIST OF JURORS. First Jury. Joseph Bryan. James Goodman Hills. Joseph Douglas. Thomas Pound. Thomas Gibbons. John Perkis. Thomas Edward Bolden .

TWU Library Blog: April 2012
Apr 24, 2012. holds close to 3 million books on 680000 pounds of reclaimed shelving. . In light of these facts and in conjunction with Equal Pay Day on Tuesday, . ~~ Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall survived the disaster and later served .

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Consumer Demand for the Fair Trade Label: Evidence from a Field ...
segment of price-sensitive shoppers will not pay a large premium for the Fair. Trade label. . large supermarket chains, including Walmart, Target, Safeway, Giant, Costco, Trader Joe's and Whole . pay at least 50 cents more per pound for Fair Trade coffee versus non-certified coffee (a premium . Arnot, Boxall, and Cash .

CPA growth during the Great Depression | Green Left Weekly
Oct 31, 1995. was paid in wages, and was partly an answer to the dire need of the unemployed for . the defenders rained stones weighing several pounds from the top floor of the . Joey Boxhall, a leader of the Glebe Unemployed Committee, was also expelled . Joe Hockey wants entitlement - but only for the rich!

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David Melville
That Mary Guy McCollister Boxall had small children in 1771. . Fellow witnesses were Joseph Couch, William Draper, and Christfer Martin.[13] This . It may have been paid by David to Thomas, but the sum was hefty, 6520 pounds of tobacco.

Sevenoaks Chronicle October 2010 Article Archives | HighBeam ...
Angry traders have hit back at plans to make them pay Pounds 65 to be licensed to . Joe Boxall of Swanley Oaks led the way with four credits, followed by.

Feb/Mar 12 Journal
Jan 30, 2012 . Those not flush with cash had the option of paying the 10 Pounds at the rate of . Joe Carlino, Allan 9 Nov Ruppell and Tony Zumbo 16 Nov Frances . Zumbo 23 Nov Frances Boxall, Colin Levingston and Michael Smith 30 .