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History of Caffeine
Caffeine is one of the world's most widely used drugs. Many anthropologists believe its use may date back to the Stone Age. Caffeine was first extracted from .

Caffeine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Main articles: History of chocolate, History of coffee, History of tea, and . Caffeine was first isolated from coffee in 1820 by the German .

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History of coffee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The history of coffee goes at least as far back as the thirteenth century. The story of Kaldi, the . a b c d e f The world of caffeine. Routledge. 2001. pp. Page 3–4.

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Jul 16, 2009 . A Short History of Caffeine People have enjoyed caffeinated beverages for thousands of years. The earliest record of caffeine consumption .

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Caffeine's long history of controversy: Many have challenged it, but ...
Dec 5, 2011 . A few years ago, when Illinois Institute of Art student Alex Smyth was a hard-core competitive video gamer, caffeine was the elixir that fueled his .

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Young Adult Health - Health Topics - Caffeine
The history of caffeine. Caffeine has been used as a stimulant for a very long time , since the Stone Age in fact.

A history of caffeine consumption at Rice - The Rice Thresher
Oct 5, 2011 . People drink it sociably in public and private places alike, consuming it in its rawest, most bitter forms, or mixing it with other flavors so that the .

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History of Caffeine Use - Life123
The history of caffeine demonstrates that humans have long depended on a daily pick-me-up.

Caffeine Facts - Learn The History & Effects Of This Powerful Drug
Caffeine Facts - Learn The History & Effects Of This Powerful Drug. I was about 13 years old when I had my first cup of coffee; coffee and toast with butter. At that .

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Soda fountain history
The history of the American Drugstore soda fountain. . Drugs like cocaine and caffeine are maybe the most famous but bromides and various plant extracts .

The Truth About Caffeine: How Companies That Promote It Deceive ... - Author Reveals The Truth About CaffeineAuthor Marina Kushner explores history of caffeine and its effects NEW YORK, NY -- Marina .

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Notes on the history of caffeine use. | Mendeley
(2011) Fredholm. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology. Read by researchers in: 33% Arts and Literature, 33% Humanities. As behooves something so .

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  • Law in History of Drugs in America
    In other words, heroin (to take one example) simply is, by its very nature, an illegal drug, while caffeine is not. But our history suggests otherwise. A century ago .

  • Link Between Caffeine Dependence and Family History of Alcoholism
    Mar 11, 2006 . A study led by Johns Hopkins investigators has shown that women with a serious caffeine habit and a family history of alcohol abuse are more .

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  • Caffeine - Early History
    Caffeine. Caffeine, one of a class of chemicals known as the xanthines, is still prescribed occasionally by physicians. Xanthines (caffeine, theobromine .

  • Caffeine - Research and Read Books, Journals, Articles at Questia ...
    This natural, cultural, and artistic history of our favourite mood enhancer tells us more, by looking at how caffeine was discovered, its early uses, and its .

  • WORLD OF COFFEE: History of Caffeine
    May 13, 2011 . The drinking of tea and coffee introduced a new drug, caffeine, which has not naturally available in temperate climates, into Western civilization .

  • The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the ...
    This book, the first natural, cultural, and artistic history of our favourite mood enhancer tells us more, by looking at how caffeine was discovered, its early uses, .

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Caffeine Dependence in Combination With a Family History of ...
Dec 1, 2005 . The factors were a history of caffeine dependence (i.e., a lifetime diagnosis of caffeine dependence, based on the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for .

Notes on the history of caffeine use.
Notes on the history of caffeine use. Fredholm BB. Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institute, Nanna Svartz väg 2, 171 77, Stockholm, .

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All About Caffeine - International Food Information Council Foundation
History of Caffeine. 2737 B.C.-- Chinese . Moderate caffeine consumption is safe and should not be classified with addictive drugs of abuse. When regular .


Erowid Caffeine Vault
Information about Caffeine including basics, effects, dosage, history, legal status, photos, research, media coverage, and links to other resources.

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Historical Timeline - Sports and Drugs -
Feb 28, 2012 . Read an unbiased history of sports and drugs from 776 BC to the present. . Mixtures of strychnine, heroin, cocaine, and caffeine were used .

Caffeine - Drugs Forum
7History of Caffeine · 8More Caffeine Sections · 9The latest Nootropics . Caffeine is a psychostimulant drug used the world over to increase alertness and fight .

COFFEE—HISTORY, HEALTH AND CAFFEINE; Robustas and Arabicas; Types of Coffee; Early History of Coffee; Coffee in Turkey and Europe; Later History of .

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Caffeine for the Sustainment of Mental Task Performance ...
This report from the Committee on Military Nutrition Research reviews the history of caffeine usage, the metabolism of caffeine, and its physiological effects.

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Caffeine Sources Worldwide
The Worldwide Nature of Caffeine Use. Many cultures around the world have sources of caffeine which reach far into their histories. Coffee originated in Ethiopia .

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History House: Caffeine and Opium - for Babies
Caffeine-addled moms and dads got Junior to behave with opium sedatives.

A Brief History of Anti-Doping - World Anti-Doping Agency
A Brief History of Anti-Doping . Strychnine, caffeine, cocaine, and alcohol were often used by cyclists and other endurance athletes in the 19th century. Thomas .

Caffeinated Consequences
BRIEF HISTORY OF CAFFEINE. ? Use of caffeine dates back 1000's of years. ? Evidence of caffeine during Stone Age. ? Consumption of leaves or berries .

Caffeine | Define Caffeine at
Caffeine definition at, a free online dictionary with . History of caffei. . Caffeine Prodcuts Shop Online Today for a Variety of .

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The Caffeine Page — A tribute to our favorite stimulant
Thank you for visiting “The Caffeine Page” and once again feel free to give us . For Your Kids · Energy Drinks-The new coffee · History of Caffeine · How it works .

History of Coffee: Caffeine in a Bean |
Feb 26, 2010 . Coffee is a great source of caffeine, but where did it originate? And how did it get from that place to us? Find out!

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Info - Lidocaine powder - Caffeine Powder - Use of lidocaine and ...
History of Caffeine Powder: The history of caffeine powder goes back thousands of years and early recordings indicate that humans was consuming caffeine to .

Symptoms of Severe Caffeine Withdrawal |
Because of this, at some point in their lives, millions of people experience some symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. Higher tolerance and longer history of caffeine .

History Of Soft Drinks
1886 is a key year for soft drink history for other reasons, too: Coca-Cola, . made in part from the leaves of the coca plant and the caffeine-laced juice of the kola .