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Thorens History
Having much in common with the Thorens Reference, the Prestige was a no compromise, no nonsense turntable. The Prestige had the following features: .

This is a photo gallery of Thorens turntables in use from around the world. . Pigdog's TD124 MK1 with Clearaudio TQ1 2000 tonearm . The Thorens Reference: The factory turns their designers loose to build a 'cost no object' best sounding .

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TAD Site Map
Thorens Reference MK 1 taking a look at the most ambitious turntable the factory developed. Restoring a Thorens Reference mk1 Rolf Kelch restores a Thorens .

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DC47-00019A Element

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Thorens TD125 Owners Manual, Service Manual, Schematics, Free ...
The tonearm and turntable platter of the TD-125 are mounted on an . manual, service manuals and schematics are for reference only and the Vinyl Engine bears no . shtml .

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Thorens Belt & Needle Cross Reference Info. - Turntable Belts
Browse our vast online cross reference info & get personal help for that rare stylus or tape deck rubber belt. THORENS® Turntable Belt Cross Reference Info.

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Turntable Gallery
Turntable Gallery. File Name, File Size, Turntable Name.

Museum of vintage Hi Fi turntables and pick up arms. Early vynal ...
The Thorens TD 124, linn Sondek LP 12, Goldring GL 75, Goldring G80, Gerard SP25 turntable decks. Antique . Thorens TD 150 Mk1 with SME 3009 arm. . This tone arm was normally packaged with the Transcriptors reference turntable.

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Thorens TD 124 / TD124 Mk2 and TD-224 Legendary Vintage ...
A Note about the Value of other Thorens Turntables. . TD 125, to the simpler TD 160, TD 126 MkI and MkII, because of the use . TD-160 all have value; and of course the Reference and the Prestige.

The Linn Sondek LP-12, Thorens TD-125 and Ariston RD-11S were the most famous and . LENCO L 75 IDLER-DRIVE "REFERENCE" TURNTABLE . " The Orbe (MkI) sounded darker, massier, more stable, while the Gyro (MkIV) is more .

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thorens - Forum search results
Thorens TD-165 Turntable Grado Labs Blue . Thorens Reference pic. EMT 948 Turntable pic . Thorens TD-124 MKI in CLD plinth pic. Lacquered Giant Lenco .

“TD” Series Turntable Classics
'Thorens' and 'turntable' are more or less . '124 MkI'. A '124' or a '124 MkII' is one of the dreams of today's vinyl-oriented audiophiles, and for good reasons.

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Audio Renaissance Turntable Shop - YouTube
Jun 29, 2011 . Kate Bush-On Transcriptor Hydraulic TheMyrjan673 views · Thorens TD124 MKI Turntable Rebuilt By Jean Nantais 1:23 .

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  • With the thermistor removed from the dryer set your meter to measure ohms (or to the 40k ohms setting)
  • Place one probe on each terminal of the thermistor
  • Swiss Precision: The Story of the Thorens TD 124 and Other Classic ...
    Precise, Arresting and Inspiring: A Tribute to Thorens' Finest Turntables . few serious works of reference on classic hifi published in English over the past decade. . of a Thorens idler-wheel deck (in my case a TD 135 MkI) to place their model .

  • Thorens TD160 looking for phono stage: could you help ...
    Thorens TD160 looking for phono stage: could you help? . picking up good references of phono stages, checking them out, looking for . I own a V-LPS (MkI) and (like a lot of others) feel that it offers great bang for your buck.

Here is how to get into service mode to clear the TS code:

  • Upcoming restorations
    Technics SP 10 MK3 Crimson Zebra Double arm plinth. (SOLD). Garrard 301 / 401 Reference. (SOLD). Thorens TD125 MK1 Master Edition/Origin Live Onyx .

  • thorens | eBay
    Related Searches: thorens turntable, thorens lighter, turntable, .

    Thorens TD124 Owners Manual, Service Manual, Schematics, Free ...
    The Thorens TD124 series II with TP14 is not the cheapest turntable system, but for . service manuals and schematics are for reference only and the Vinyl Engine . However, I was wondering what the difference is between the MK1 and MK2.

  • THORENS turntable belt,THORENS turntable belts,THORENS ...
    A THORENS belt drive turntable is a precision instrument of music reproduction and a musical treasure. It provides . Thorens TD-125AB MKII TD 125AB MKII TD125AB MKII t. Thorens . You may of course send your belt to us for reference .

  • TECHNICS SP-10 mk2/MkIII Direct Drive DD Professional Studio ...
    If a seller of vintage turntables makes a reference to this page in a listing on eBay or . and constancy of speed: Thorens Reference (Referenz), Platine Verdier, . step forward if compared to the technique of the Mk1 and other DD-turntables.

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Origin Live | Fitting Record Deck Motors To Specific Turntables
Turntable Power Supply & Motor Drive. Fitting Deck Motors to . Voltage figures have been specified for certain turntables. . 3 Motors fitted to DIY copy of the Clearaudio reference. . Fitting details for Oracle Delphini 2 & Oracle Mk1 . The motor mod has been successfully carried out on a number of Thorens turntables.

Discontinued Turntables - P to Z -
Information on discontinued turntable/record players. . no differentiation made between the MkI and MkII models since the MkI was never sold there, also . If you are looking for a plinth for an old Thorens take a look at Tony Anson. . Company started out by making the Reference tables in the early 60's, interesting designs .

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thorens - Forum search results
Hi all, I've had my first turntable ever (a Michell Tecnodec purchased used with . Recently, I have acquired a Thorens TD-160 MKI equipped with the original . I have the opportunity of fullfilling a teenage dream ,buying a thorens reference or .

Origin Live
Rothwell Audio Products · Thorens · Trends Audio · Valhalla Technology > . Origin Live have been making turntables and upgrades for over 20 years . The Legendary tonearm that has been hailed as the 'design of the decade' in its MK1 form is . reference performance used in our Resolution Turntable, with components .

Thorens Turntable Belts Record Player Audio Equipment Electronic ...
belts turntable audios sound hifi stereo music real cd dvd amps .

5th-9th Digit: Manufacture order that week

See the charts below for the year codes:

















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vinylcanuck - YouTube
The Haunted 1-2-5 Reference Lenco Tannoy GRF Reds vinylcanuck 1222 views . Thorens TD124 MKI Turntable Rebuilt By Jean Nantais vinylcanuck 13642 .

Hi-Fi Hunter - Turntables
Gorgeous turntables, decks and other analogue gubbins. Vinyl is on . Fons International Mk1 . Thorens TD-124 . Michell Marble Reference Electronic Prisma .

Analogue Source [Archive] - Page 2 - diyAudio
[Archive] Page 2 Turntables, Tonearms, Cartridges, Phono Stages, Tuners, Tape . Well Tempered Reference - required · backing up vinyl records? . THorens TD125 MKI motor rotation problem · Vogel's "Lowest Noise" pre-am · power .

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6moons audio reviews: Paschetto Analog Engineering 2008
Integrated amplifiers: Leben CS600, Almarro A205A Mk1 & Mk2 . Cardas Neutral Reference digital cable, Auditorium 23 Green speaker cable; Tom . and Thorens, it plays music wonderfully well - it's a respected classic in turntable design.

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Museum Grade Inventory : SME Tonearms, SME 3009 Turntable ...
SME Tonearms : Museum Grade Inventory - Tonearms SME Tools SME Parts Templates Manuals M2 Tonearms sme, sme tonearms, sme turntable, sme 3009, .

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HiFi4Sale (Malaysia) / ????????????????: January ...
Jan 30, 2011 . Thorens TD 125 mk1 turntable ( Used ). Made in Germany. C/W original TP 14 tone arm and Shure N55E cartridge. The turntable in still in very .

Thorens TD145 Owners Manual, Service Manual, Schematics, Free ...
2-Speed Belt-Drive Suspended Chassis turntable available in mkI form (1975- 1976) and mkII (1976-1978). review this turntable. Thorens TD145 .

Technics SL-1800 Owners Manual, Service Manual, Schematics ...
Direct Drive Turntable with pitch control - mkI Servo control (1977-78) - mkII . in the SL-1800 uses the waveform obtained as its reference and it is compared .

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MODDED ST150 TURNTABLE - Mapleshade Audio Products
Gallo Reference 3.0/3.1 Stands . CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ON OUR MODDED ST150 TURNTABLE . VPI, Linn, Rega, Thorens and most recently Music Hall and none of them had the heft, . Cymbals have an accurate hit, then decay as they recede into the noise floor which is (with the MK1 power cord) admirably dark.

Retro hi-fi Wanted
Michell Gyrodec mki with aluminium platter, any condition considered but must have original platter. john 'at' . Thorens 224 turntables in any condition. Spares . Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference turntable Must be in good working condition .

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What's your rig? - Audio Chews: the hi-fi and music community
Rega P7 & Thorens TD150 turntables . NVA TDS Mk1 Monoblocks . Voyd" ( later split phase psu model), Reference Lexan platter and Reference bearing.

:: Modular Audio :: Singapore Hi Fi Dealer - High End Audio ...
Independent 10Audio webzine reviewed the Amazon Referenz Turntable and . Whether this tonearm is planted into your Technics, Rega, Thorens, Acoustic . reviewed Ocellia Reference Silver Interconnects, Powercords and . has been hailed as the 'design of the decade' in its MK1 form is now at MK3a .

Discontinued Turntables -
Information on discontinued turntable/record players. . second hand market will not feature one, and differences between MkI and II versions ? . Finally the EMT company also manufactured the Thorens TD-150 in the early to mid 60's, . It was usually sold as a combination of the Air Reference turntable and an arm of the .