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Sacred Harp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There is an active Sacred Harp community in the UK, for example, and in 2008, a singing community was organized in Poland .

Community - - Sacred Harp and Shape Note singing
Community. The Sacred Harp community is a loosely knit society of people who love Sacred Harp singing. There is no central organization or authority.

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Mailing Lists - - Sacred Harp and Shape Note singing
Mailing Lists. hosts two different mailing lists of shape-note music enthusiasts, numbering over 650 subscribers and including traditional singers and .

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chilrden's medicine for stuffy nose - Sacred Harp and Shape Note singing
Welcome. What is Sacred Harp singing? Sacred Harp is a uniquely American tradition that brings communities together to sing four-part hymns and anthems.

WMSHC | Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Community
Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Community, Inc. "WMSHC", a 501(c) non- profit organization, promotes community-based singing from The Sacred Harp .

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Sacred Harp Singing School and Community Singing/Potluck ...
Sacred Harp Singing School and Community Singing/Potluck Luncheon. FREE or $35 for PLU Credit | REGISTER NOW. Singers and history buffs alike will .

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Sacred Harp Singing
Sacred Harp singing is a non-denominational community musical event emphasizing participation, not performance. Singers sit facing inward in a hollow square .

Chicagoland Sacred Harp Singing for New Singers (Chicago, IL ...
Sacred Harp singing is a form of 'a cappella' singing that regularly takes place in communities across the United States and beyond. It has brought people .

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Sacred Harp Singing: History and Tradition
Describes briefly the Sacred Harp singing tradition, its history and practical . has given its name to a tradition of unaccompanied community singing and .

Portland Sacred Harp - Join the Song
Sacred Harp shape note singing is a community musical and social activity, emphasizing participation, not performance. Everyone is invited to come and sing (or .

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Home | Dayton Sacred Harp
We are an avid community of singers in the Dayton, OH area, practicing an early American form of singing, called Sacred Harp.

Northern Shenandoah Valley Sacred Harp and Shape Note Singers ...
Sacred Harp singing is a non-denominational community, musical, and spiritual event emphasizing participation, not performance. The music is sung a cappella .

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Cork Sacred Harp
Following a wonderful singing workshop last weekend, Dublin has become the home to a brand new community Sacred Harp sing. Starting Friday 17th February .

Cincinnati Sacred Harp Singing
Sacred Harp singing meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month, 4:30-7:30pm. We have a communal meal at 6:00pm—please join us! The meetings are informal .

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  • Utah Sacred Harp Singing
    Feb 7, 2012 . Sacred Harp singing (also called shape note or fasola singing) is a nondenominational community musical activity emphasizing participation, .

  • Sacred Harp Comes to Belfast, Northern Ireland | The Sacred Harp ...
    Mar 28, 2012 . German Singing Schools: Sacred Harp Comes to the Land of J.S. Bach . society rather than an established Sacred Harp singing community.

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norwich university vt kenneth a erwin Traveling Home: Sacred Harp Singing and American ... Traveling Home: Sacred Harp Singing and American Pluralism . the story of the author's own interaction with the Sacred Harp singing community.

UI Press | Kiri Miller | Traveling Home: Sacred Harp Singing and ...
How the participatory tradition of Sacred Harp singing fosters a diverse musical community. A compelling account of contemporary Sacred Harp singing, .

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Sacred Harp/Downstate Ill.
Sacred Harp singing in downstate Illinois. Shape-note singing or Harp singing is amateur, community-based choral music rooted in a living tradition that dates .

Mississippi Music: Sacred Harp Singing
Sacred Harp singing is a community musical tradition that has been part of rural life in Mississippi for over 100 years. The singers get together at annual "all-day .

Sacred Harp Singing in New York State
Describes Sacred Harp singing, a form of traditional American singing, also known as . and has been enthusiastically received by the singing community.

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Atlanta Sacred Harp
Sacred Harp and other Georgia shape note singings. . We sing not for performance but for the joy of singing and the community of singers, to which newcomers .

Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers
African American Sacred Harp singing conventions in southeastern Alabama . adopted by the black shape-note singing community of southeast Alabama.

Shape-Note / Sacred Harp Singing — New Haven, Connecticut
For other Sacred Harp singing opportunities in and around southern New England, visit the websites of the thriving Sacred Harp communities located in Western .

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Sacred Harp Singing in Texas
May 16, 2008 . Promotes Sacred Harp singing in the State of Texas. . Monthly singings, which were once held in nearly every community in East and Central .

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Wolf Folklore Collection: Sacred Harp
"Sacred Harp singing in Mississippi is in no immediate danger of rapid decline . "Though a few communities appear to be losing interest, others are holding firm .

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Sacred Harp singing in the New York City Area
Since Joe Beasley started up a singing in his own apartment over twenty years ago, the New York City Sacred Harp community has grown into a diverse and .

Sacred Feast - University of Nebraska Press
As she witnesses the transformative power of sacred harp singing and community, we share in her growth vicariously. Although participants might share a slice .,673390.aspx

One of America's Oldest Singing Traditions Comes to Tacoma « Post ...
Jan 30, 2012 . Sacred Harp is an original, nearly 200-year-old American musical form . Shape- Note singing is communal and cathartic and just plain fun.

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Performance practice of Sacred Harp music - Wikipedia, the free ...
In recent decades, Sacred Harp has increased in popularity, especially among people who are not .

Sacred Harp Singing School and All Day Sing
years. He is active as a teacher, composer, organizer, and singer in the. Sacred Harp singing community in the Southeastern United States and around the world .

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Jeremiah Ingalls and Shape-note Connexion
The SIXTHth Annual "Connexion" and Jeremiah Ingalls Singing (click here for . " singing schools" where local teacher/composers train rural communities to sing in . The living Sacred Harp tradition in states like Georgia & Alabama, as well as .

German Singing Schools: Sacred Harp Comes to the Land of J.S. ...
Mar 28, 2012 . Sacred Harp singing schools in the land of Bach? . Dozens of singers from all of the European singing communities are planning to attend the .

Sacred harp singing — a musical resurrection |
Apr 17, 2012 . The Ninth Annual Rhode Island All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was held . “The repertoire was definitely sung by integrated communities in the .